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Debonair Travel act only as agents for the hotel, bus, or car companies, or owners of contractors
providing accommodation, transportation or other services. The Company shall not be liable or
responsible for death or injury to any person or loss of damage to any property or otherwise including
baggage, whether due to its, or its agents, or employees, negligence or otherwise arising out of or in
connection with any accommodation, transportation or other services, or resulting directly or indirectly
from act of God, dangerous incidents of the sea, fire, breakdown in machinery or equipment, acts of
Government or other authorities, wars, whether declared or not, hostilities, civil disturbances, strikes,
riots, theft, pilferage, epidemics, quarantine, medical or custom regulations, delays or cancellations or
changes in schedules or itinerary, or over bookings or defaults or from any causes beyond the
Company’s control or through the acts of defaults of the hotels, airlines, bus or car companies, railroads,
steamships lines or owners or contractor providing accommodation, transportation, or other services of
for any loss or damage resulting from improper or insufficient passport, visas, or other documents and
that neither the Company nor its servants, agents or employees shall be or become liable or responsible
for any additional expense or liability sustained or incurred by the tour participant as a result of any of
the foregoing causes.

Exclusion / Limitation Liability:
Debonair Travel shall not be liable for any cost, expenses or damages whatsoever incurred or suffered
by guest or passenger arising from any of the following events:
National or local emergency, acts or omissions of any government or governmental authority or agency,
insurrection, civil disorder, war or military operations
Industrial disputes of any kind, strikes, lock-outs, stoppage or restraint of labor
Traffic congestion, vehicle breakdown, obstruction of any public/private road, highway, sea or air
Accidents of any kind occurring during the Customer’s independent activities
Theft, robbery, lost property / luggage or food poisoning
Isolation as a result of infectious diseases or any condition likely to endanger health or safety on tour
members or impair their reasonable comfort
Any cancellation or amendment or alteration of tour itinerary, hotel accommodation or tour services as
a result of any of the aforementioned events or as a result of any decision, act or omission of the
Company principle(s), their agent and servants or any of them.

Medical advice must be given to us, Debonair Travel in writing, at or prior to booking, of any
physical, emotional or mental condition, which may require professional attention during the trip or
may require the use of special equipment. If passenger fail to disclose any such conditions, The
Company organizer reserves the right to refuse to allow passenger to take the trip and passenger will
forfeit the trip cost; and in such event The Organizer shall have no liability, financial or otherwise.

If passenger is so challenged, passenger must bring and be responsible for all necessary items
related to their own condition. If any such condition arises after the trip is booked, medical advice must
be given in writing immediately. Failure to advise shall release The Organizer and all professional
personnel from any liability related to such condition or its treatment.
Passenger for health and safety during tour is The Organizer first concern, but The Organizer is not a
medical faculty. Passenger should be in good health to participate in Group Tours.
The Organizer is not responsible for the costs of any medical treatment that passenger may require
during the tour. Under no circumstances is The Organizer responsible for the quality of medical care, or
lack thereof, passenger may receive while on the trip.

No Show Charges:
If a guest or passenger does not arrive on the expected date and time or is not present at the
designated pick-up point for pick-up or transfer to the destination, the amount paid for the specific tour
or package shall be forfeited/non-refundable.

Unutilized Service:
The Company does not bear any responsibility to refund for the unutilized service, transportation,
accommodation or sightseeing tours that are included in the land arrangement package.
The Company reserves the right to withdraw any itinerary or booking made and decline or refuse
any guest or passenger as member of the tour who acts delinquently so as to endanger the health,
safety or impair the comfort and enjoyment of other guests or passengers on the tour. In this respect,
the company shall not make any refund for the unutilized portion of the tour.

Cancellation of booking of Tours or Tour Packages must be notified in writing with a minimum of 7 days’
notice prior to departure or within the specified period allowed as stipulated in the specific Tour or Tour
Packages. All cancellation must be confirmed by The Company in writing to be effective. Refund rates
are based on the date we receive your written cancellation notice.

For individual component supplied by third party (ies), e.g. train services, air tickets, cruise, etc.;
cancellation fee under terms and conditions of the third party (ies) shall apply. Cancellation fee of the
third party (ies) will include refund administrative fee and any deposit committed to their suppliers to
secure confirmation of the services requested. Should the cancellation be made less than 30 days, the
following condition shall apply.

     #Date of Cancellation    #Cancellation Charges
   7 working days prior to departure date    50% cancellation charge of Total cost
   5 working days prior to departure date     75% cancellation charge of Total Cost
   2 or less than 2 working days prior to departure date    100% Cancellation Charge

The Company reserves the right to cancel a tour or booking made at any time before the departure for
any reason whatsoever, including insufficient number of participants, our liability is limited to a refund
of the monies paid.
The Company reserves the right to make adjustments to the itinerary wherever necessary, due to
unforeseen circumstances beyond our control. Any necessary modifications to our itinerary will not
deprive the tour participant of program features in any way.

All claims against Debonair Travel & Tours Pvt. Ltd must be made in writing within fourteen (14) days
after the completion of tour, failing of which the company accepts no responsibility. All disputes if any
will be subjected to Nepal Court of Law.