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Nepal offers a unique opportunity for various kinds of tourism, be it a spiritual journey to monasteries and the birthplace of Buddha, ancient hindu religious sites, or the hair raising experience of bunging one of the words highest bungees then you have the mountain flights with a panoramic views of the Himalayan range. Nepal also has 10 national parks, 3 wildlife reserves, one hunting reserve and 6 conservation areas and 11 buffer zones covering an area of 34,186.62 sq. km, that is, 23.23 percent of the total area of the country a perfect place for school holidays to enjoy the jungle safari and see in their habitat tigers, rhinos, alligators and many more rare and endangered speciesThe lure of trekking has brought millions since Nepal's borders opened to outsiders in the 1950s. . Mount Everest and 7 more of the world's 10 highest mountains are here. Going to Everest Base Camp and beyond? Seeking a leisurely walk from one mountain lodge to another? Want an adrenalin rush from bungee jumping, white water rafting, kayaking, paragliding or mountain biking??? Ring us up to plan your next holiday.